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Sherlock Holmes: The Archive Collection, Volume Two - 3-DVD Set

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Sherlock Holmes Baffled, 1900
The Mystery of The Leaping Fish, 1916
The Dying Detective, 1921
The Devil's Foot, 1921
Our Gang: The Mysterious Mystery!, 1924
Mutt & Jeff: Slick Sleuths, 1926
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Interview, 1929
Felix The Cat In Sure-Locked Homes, 1928

Sherlock Holmes Y La Mira Secreta, 1942 (Spanish-subtitled version of Sherlock Holmes & The Secret Weapon)
Sherlock Holmes and The Secret Weapon, 1942
Sherlock Holmes Original Movie Trailers, 1940s
Original Screen Test: Nigel Bruce & Leslie Banks, 1934
Rare Basil Rathbone And Nigel Bruce Photos, 1939-1946

"Sherlock Holmes' First Cases" (Three TV episodes with Ronald Howard and H. Marion Crawford), 1954
Prof. Lightskull & Doc Twiddle: Inside India, 1951
The Singular Case of The Plural Green Mustache, 1965
The Mystery of The Willing Victims, 1981
Radio Show with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce, 1939