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My Little Margie, Vols. 1 & 2
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My Little Margie, Vols. 1 & 2

2-DVD Collector's Set. "My Little Margie" premiered on CBS as the summer replacement for "I Love Lucy" on June 16, 1952. Set in New York City, the series stars Gale Storm as 21-year-old Margie Albright and former silent film star Charles Farrell as her widowed father, 50-year-old Vern Albright. They share an apartment at the Carlton Arms Hotel. Vern Albright is the vice-president of the investment firm of Honeywell and Todd. Roberta is Vern's girlfriend, and Margie's boyfriend is Freddy Wilson. Mrs. Odetts is the Albrights' next-door neighbor and Margie's sidekick in madcap capers reminiscent of Lucy and Ethel in "I Love Lucy".

Betty White in 'Life with Elizabeth' and 'Date with the Angels'
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Betty White in "Life with Elizabeth" and "Date with the Angels"

6-Disc Collector's Set. "Life with Elizabeth" aired from October 7, 1953 to September 1, 1955. It stars Betty White as Elizabeth and Del Moore as her husband Alvin; Jack Narz is the on-camera announcer and narrator. Betty White received her first Primetime Emmy Award for her work on this series. The plot revolves around Elizabeth and Alvin, an ordinary suburban couple that inevitably gets into predicaments. In the end, Alvin, in variable degrees of frustration, would say, "I shall leave you at this point, Elizabeth" and would walk out of sight. The announcer would say, "Elizabeth, aren't you ashamed?" She would slowly nod, but then, with a slightly devilish grin, would vigorously shake her head to indicate she wasn't. "Date with the Angels" aired on ABC from May 10, 1957 to January 29, 1958. The series, which stars Betty White and Bill Williams, revolve around young Los Angeles newlyweds Vicki Angel and her insurance salesman husband Gus Angel who get themselves and their friends and neighbors into various comedic situations and antics. Richard Deacon plays neighbor Roger Finley.

The Best of Mahalia Jackson Sings Vol. 1
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The Best of Mahalia Jackson Sings, Vol. 1

2-Disc Collector's Set. This digitally remastered DVD/CD combination includes 17 tracks as well as a CD of musical performances from her TV show "Mahalia Jackson Sings". The performances on this DVD are culled from the "Mahalia Jackson Sings" program, broadcast in 1961, the year she sang at President Kennedy's inauguration.

Sherlock Holmes Box Set
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Sherlock Holmes Box Set - 6 DVDs

Enjoy 30+ Digitally Restored Programs of the All-Time Classic Sleuth! Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes has remained in the spotlight for nearly 160 years, first on paper, and later in movies with Holmes’s first appearance in arcade Mutoscope machines in 1900. Watch it, plus 30 more classic Sherlock Holmes movies, shows, parodies and more in this 6-DVD collector’s set.

Dick Tracy Box Set
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Dick Tracy Box Set - 6 DVDs

Enjoy 23 Classic Programs of the All-Time American Detective! See more than 11 hours of classic Dick Tracy films, serials and TV shows in this special 6-DVD collection! Watch a 15-film serial from 1937, 4 full-length films from the 1940’s and see rare episodes from the 1950 TV series. Includes stars Ralph Byrd and Boris Karloff!

The Adventures of Robin Hood Box Set
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The Adventures of Robin Hood Box Set - 6 DVDs

Enjoy 26 Digitally Restored Episodes of the Classic Show! Classic television at its finest! Relive the adventures of Robin Hood, Little John, Maid Marian and the Merry Men as they defend the villagers against evil Prince John and Sheriff of Nottingham. Watch 26 episodes of The Adventures of Robin Hood in this special 6-DVD collector’s set — more than 10 hours of entertainment for the whole family!

Classic Episodes of the Lawrence Welk Show: Volumes 1-4
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Classic Episodes of the Lawrence Welk Show: Volumes 1-4 - DVD

The Lawrence Welk Show, the longest-running televised American musical variety show, first aired locally in Los Angeles from 1951 to 1955, broadcast from the since-demolished Aragon Ballroom in Venice Beach. The show made its national television debut on July 2, 1955, and was produced at the Hollywood Palladium for 23 of its 27 years on the air. The only seasons not taped there were 1965-66 and 1976-77 at the Hollywood Palace, and at CBS Television City from 1977 to 1979. The Lawrence Welk Show remains a family favorite and can still be seen today on many PBS stations.

Jacques Cousteau's Voyage to the Edge of the World
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Jacques Cousteau's Voyage to the Edge of the World - DVD

On his ship, Calypso, as well as in a submarine, Jacques Cousteau and his crew sail from South America and travel to Antarctica. They explore islands, reefs, icebergs, fossils, active volcanic craters, and creatures of the ocean never before seen. This voyage took place in 1975, and Captain Cousteau became one of the first explorers ever to dive beneath the waters of the frozen South Pole. This DVD includes the original theatrical movie trailer as well. A true classic.

That Show with Joan Rivers, Vols. 1-3
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That Show with Joan Rivers, Vols. 1-3 - DVD

Joan's groundbreaking half-hour show from the late 1960s features a guest celebrity and an "expert" guest tackling a particular subject-of-the-day. Joan would mix up a regular subject with an unlikely celebrity, delivering 300 words a minute, hilariously tearing into everything from her own life to nudism to even buying a new car! "That Show" is a virtual time capsule of subject matters and personalities of the day, available to the public for the first time in over two decades!

People Are Funny (16 Episodes on 3 Discs) - DVD
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People Are Funny

16 Episodes on 3 DVDs. This long-running American radio and television game show involved stunts and audience participation, calculated to reveal the humorous side of human nature. After contestants were sent from the studio to perform a task in public, the audience was let in on the secret of how the participant was being tricked. Receiving Emmy nominations in 1955 and 1956, "People Are Funny" was the first game show to air repeats during its last season. For those early TV viewers who wanted their fun simple and down to earth, "People Are Funny" was for them — and who could ask for a more personable host than Art Linkletter?

Groucho Marx TV Classics Set - DVD
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Groucho Marx TV Classics: 3-Disc Collector's Set

This special 3-disc set includes the best of Groucho Marx! See Groucho in 16 episodes of the 1950s game show "You Bet Your Life", 2 episodes of "The Hollywood Palace", a rare episode of the lost game show "Anybody Can Play" and much more!

Tales From The Three Stooges - Special 3-Disc Collection
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Tales from the Three Stooges: 3-Disc Collector's Set

This Collector's Edition 3-Disc Set celebrating the Three Stooges' 75th Anniversary includes Tales from the Three Stooges Vols. 1 & 2 as well as bonus features! Includes shorts Brideless Groom, Disorder in the Court, Malice in the Palace, and Sing a Song of Six Pants, TV commercials, trailers, color cartoons and more!

 Sing-A-Long: Beatlesongs - DVD
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Sing-A-Long: Beatlesongs - DVD

Introduce a whole new generation of fans to the best-selling band in history, while helping them learn to read and speak English in a fun and interactive way, with Sing-a-Long Beatlesongs! An on-screen "bouncing ball" visually indicates the rhythm of each song and helps kids and adults learn the lyrics. Superimposed over classic Fleischer and other animation shorts, the DVD features some of the band's greatest songs, including "Yesterday", "Penny Lane", "Good Day Sunshine", "Help", "Michelle", "We Can Work It Out", "Ticket to Ride", "Paperback Writer", "Let It Be" and "Hey Jude". Historic footage of The Beatles is also featured.

Synergy Entertainment is a self-distributed label with a large catalog of classic audio and video titles, beautifully packaged and attractively priced.

For the fans of Bluegrass, and the artists covered in our Grass Series, there is a nice selection of traditional, acoustic renditions, by top notch Nashville musicians, of music by Elvis, Johnny Cash, the Eagles, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead, and more.

Film fans can find bonus feature film DVDs packaged with audio CDs. For the fans of horror films, there is Festival of Fright, a 70-minute program of rare trailers of great horror films.

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